Pictures from the Past

We were determined to find pictures of the house and stumbled upon Here are 2 pictures of the front of the main house as it looked in 1963. The MLS listing had it listed as being built around 1929.

MediaStream MediaStream-2

Here’s what it looks like today. We’re looking forward to freshening the flowerbed and tree area! Hello, Terrain.

DSC01027 DSC01025

DSC01029 DSC01028


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3 Responses to Pictures from the Past

  1. Moura says:

    These are fantastic!


  2. Garrison says:

    Those are great finds! Love, love the old pics!

    Ugh, and you had to mention Terrain just to taunt me…you know how I lust to be a shopper or attend a how-to seminar at Terrain!!!


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