"Before" Pictures!

A busy weekend giving house tours to friends before brunch plans. I had a chance to take the “before” pics. Goodbye mismatched rooms and odd staircase location.

First Floor – Living Room

DSC00991 DSC00975 DSC00940 DSC00974 DSC00976 DSC00941

First Floor – Dining Room and Stairs Up to Second Floor

DSC00980 DSC00979 DSC00978 DSC00942 DSC00944 DSC00943 DSC00977 DSC00986 DSC00947

First Floor – Kitchen and Stairs Down to Basement

DSC00986 DSC00981 DSC00945 DSC00988 DSC00946 DSC00987 DSC00983 DSC00982 DSC00989

Second Floor – Stairs Up and Bathroom

DSC00948 DSC00954 DSC00997 DSC00999 DSC00950

Second Floor – Back Bedroom (Future Guest Room)

DSC00952 DSC00951 DSC00992

Second Floor – Stairs up to Upper Portion of Second Floor

DSC00996 DSC00995

Second Floor – Middle Bedroom (Future Study/Office)

DSC01000 DSC00956 DSC01001

Second Floor – Front Bedroom (Future Media Room)

DSC01002 DSC01006 DSC00957 DSC01007 DSC00958 DSC01004 DSC00959 DSC01003 DSC00960

Third Floor – Open Space, Bathroom and Front Bedroom (Future Master Bath + Bedroom)

DSC01008 DSC01019 DSC01010 DSC00965 DSC01009 DSC00964 DSC01011 DSC00968 DSC00967 DSC01013 DSC00962 DSC01018 DSC00963 DSC01015 DSC01014

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3 Responses to "Before" Pictures!

  1. Margarita says:

    I love your new home. It reminds me a little of Brooklyn. Do the fireplaces work?


    • DemoLL says:

      Thanks! Not sure about the fireplaces yet… the look like they have been used recently but I’ll have them inspected in the next week or 2. There are 7 fireplaces between the two houses!


      • They all work but need a little bit of sprucing up–in good shape considering the condition of the house. We’ve decided to close up the dining room one since it would have been blocked by the dining table. We’ll convert the living room one to gas with an insert and the others are still TBD.


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