The Finished Home & The Next Project

We’re at it again. We loved re-making and eventually living in this house. So, after selling it and a quick jaunt to Brooklyn and back, we are excited to get started again.

It’s a good story…

Join us in the journey of our second Philadelphia Row Home renovation at – a wider loft-like home that’s basically the width of 2 typical Philly Row Homes with a rich history too.


And if you’re looking for a contractor in the Philly Metro area, check out SJ Design at He and his talented team did this house and the new one.


The finished PhillyRowHomeReno House

Thanks for stopping by to check out our Philadelphia row home renovation project. The renovation is complete!

Here are some pictures of the finished house with links to the blog below, from start to finish. We hope you’re inspired by our journey.

Vestibule, Living Room and Dining Room



 IMG_0094_27 IMG_0097_29





IMG_0030_11 IMG_0028_10




IMG_0035_12  IMG_0075_21

Powder Room

IMG_0080_22 IMG_0081_23

Second Floor Landing and Hallway

 IMG_0181_53 IMG_0180_52


Guest Bedroom & Bathroom


IMG_0182_54  IMG_0195_59

Study & Media Room


IMG_0172_48 IMG_0176_50 IMG_0171_47

Master Bedroom & Bathroom

IMG_0129_33  IMG_0147_42  IMG_0141_38 



IMG_0145_40   IMG_0144_39   IMG_0146_41


 IMG_0133_35  IMG_0134_36

The Deck

IMG_0122_32 IMG_0108_30 IMG_0121_31

Posts from Start to Finish

  1. The Beginning
  2. Settlement Day
  3. Pictures from the Past
  4. “Before” Pictures!
  5. Demo (not Demo) Begins!
  6. Initial Sketch Review
  7. Demolition Progress Pics
  8. Current Floor Layout
  9. More Demolition Progress Pics
  10. And behind this door… another house.
  11. When Your Yellow Brick Road Hits a Red Brick Wall
  12. Rubble, Rubble Everywhere
  13. Week 9 Progress Pics
  14. Week 10 Progress Pics
  15. A Little Visual Inspiration
  16. GC Walkthrough
  17. Week 12 Progress Pics–Staircase Edition
  18. Electric, Plumbing, Heating/Cooling and Insulation Update
  19. Week 27 Progress Pics
  20. Windows and Doors
  21. The Windows and Doors are In
  22. Microsoft Photosynth and Panoramas
  23. Progress Pics–Spray Foam Insulation & Deck
  24. The Deck
  25. The End is Near – Drywall, Taping and Priming
  26. Tiles
  27. Wood Floors
  28. Going Up, Going Down
  29. Paint Colors
  30. Walls, Now with Color

7 Responses to The Finished Home & The Next Project

  1. Annette Silva says:

    I love the interior railing in this house and have been going crazy looking for the same one for my philly row home. Can you let me know who you used? Thanks


    • D says:

      Thanks! We worked with Frank Bendinelli of FWB Welding. Great guy and great work that we were really happy with. (215) 471-5990 Once they installed the metal railing, our contractor installed the wood handrail for the finished look. Good luck!


  2. Annette Silva says:

    Thank you!!!


  3. susan says:

    i’m looking to renovate a row home in Philly and came across your site. i love what you’ve done. you have a beautiful aesthetic sense and an eye for space and detail. do you renovate strictly for your own projects or do you also consult for others? i hope the latter.


    • D says:

      Thanks so much for the kind words. We aren’t pros but we are passionate about living in a functional and beautiful home. Good luck with your renovation – it’s a terrific feeling to make a space your own!


  4. Cecily says:

    Hello! Came across your blog and LOVE everything that you did with your house! My husband and I are thinking about embarking on a South Philly renovation soon- did you like the GC that you worked with? If so, could you post their name/website? It looks like they did pretty awesome work!

    Thanks in advance!!


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