Settlement Day

The day has come! It’s settlement day… We went by the house for the walk-through and it was empty and relatively clean barring a little water in the basement after our torrential rain storms this week. Source of water was located and quickly resolved . I hope that’s the end of that until the contractor gets in there to permanently fix it. We’ll see after this weekend planned storms.

I fell in love with the place all over again. It was great to see it with no furniture, no renter mess, no clutter in the morning. Great space. Great light. Great view of the Center City skyline from the deck. We’ve sketched out tons of layout and designs for the kitchen area and master bedroom suite. Meeting with the architect and general contractor scheduled next week.

The actual settlement (sign this stack of 100 pages) process took a little longer than I had anticipated partly due to a city tax issue on the other side. But it was resolved and off with the keys of my new home I left. Welcome into our lives Catharine St house.

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