Week 9 Progress Pics

So it’s been 9 weeks since the renovation began and 6 weeks since my last update. (I know… I’m slacking.) There’s been a great deal of progress on the house. Also, the architect plans are complete, the contractor got to take a vacation, and some decisions have been made on materials… at least in our minds.

  • Load-bearing wall removal: COMPLETE!
  • New floor framed in to cover old staircase location: COMPLETE!
  • Second floor bathroom floor/kitchen ceiling: COMPLETE!
  • New floor opening for staircase location: STARTED!

Here’s what it looks like walking in through the front door. The new staircase will begin about 10 feet after the end of the vestibule. There’s still no staircase to the other floors, so no easy way up or down for additional pictures.

 DSC01177 IMG_0456

Week 9: The studs holding up the ceiling are temporary support. Week3: Midway through the load-bearing wall removal.


DSC01037 DSC00944

Week 1: Left side drywall was removed.


DSC01179 DSC01178

At the base of the stairs on the first floor, looking up to the second and third floors. Left: That opening at the top is the deck door on the third floor. Right: Remnants of the old second to third floor staircase on the wall.



In the Dining Room, looking up to the front of the house.



At the base of the stairs on the first floor, looking up to the second and third floors. Again, access door to roof deck and 2 windows that will be part of the master bathroom on the third floor.

This week will entail a good deal of trash removal and a relatively accessible house for a walk-through with the contractor. It’s starting to shape into the vision!

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