A Little Visual Inspiration

We’ve been surfing the web, tearing out pages from magazines and looking everywhere around us for inspiration. Here are some starting points for the various rooms. Remodelista.com and Houzz.com rank up there. Do you have any inspiration to share? If so, send it over.

Vestibule Wallpaper and Entrance

wallpaper vestibule photo Kriselkeeper blogspot bench


noble stairs 05-refresh-rooms-color

Mobile Photo Aug 22, 2010 6 18 06 PM Mobile Photo Sep 17, 2010 7 21 09 PM Mobile Photo Sep 17, 2010 7 21 54 PM

Mobile Photo Sep 17, 2010 7 22 37 PM The-Thiang-Residence-Staircase-Design-392x588

Living Room and Dining Room Fireplaces

eclectic living room Michelle Edwards Connecting both on first floor Aug 14, 2010 11 44 05 AM

fireplace dinesen1

Hallway into Kitchen

modern living room by Rodriguez Studio Architecture PC


2161728362_757b6cbe67_b 2161728372_f1f522a1a4_b

2166293765_28cb219f78_b 2166293789_d70161186d_b

cooktop kitchen 3239660602_86ae77ebdf_o

Mobile Photo Aug 14, 2010 11 43 44 AM

Side Patio

Patio photo 1 patio photo 2

Patio photo 3 Mobile Photo Aug 14, 2010 11 42 53 AM Mobile Photo Aug 14, 2010 11 43 05 AM


contemporary dining room by ORR Design Office Mobile Photo Aug 14, 2010 11 43 17 AM Large deck using planters to create separate spaces


Master Bathroom

 contemporary bathroom by lori sitz teacher contemporary bathroom by huntley & co contemporary bathroom by David Neiman Architects

modern bathroom by Blacksheep new shower in remodeled bathroom

black-and-white tile and Carrara marble in remodeled bath vintagebath-02


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