Windows and Doors

Photo Mar 19, 4 17 50 PM Photo Mar 19, 4 18 11 PM

All new windows weren’t in the initial plan (doors were), but like most renovations the plan is in a constant state of flux—then again, maybe that’s just this reno only. The renovation has been going on for several months and after dropping in almost every weekend and looking at the state of the windows, their time had come—as you can see in the pictures above. So the arduous process of window research and shopping began. What material: Wood? Fiberglass? Wood Clad? Vinyl? What manufacturer: Andersen? Pella? Marvin? Jeld-Wen? Thank goodness for and the internet—I can’t imagine doing this without the digital world at my fingertips.

I had a few vendors come out to give their pitch and provide estimates…think door-to-door window salespeople. Most were good and informative. One was just smarmy and wanted me to sign right that moment (Note: Renewal by Andersen windows are not the same as Andersen Replacement windows.) I ended up working with my contractor’s Pella contact and was pleased with the entire experience. A couple of visits to the house, a showroom visit, several conversations ironing out products and options… and done. New windows and doors are ordered and will hopefully arrive in about a month followed by spray foam insulation and drywall. Then the fun really starts and the interior begins to take shape.

There are 18 windows in the house and 4 exterior doors that need to be replaced. Now you see why this wasn’t in the original plan (and budget), but things just worked out. What’s on order?

  • The front of the house will have Pella Architect Series double-hung windows. Primed white pine wood interior. Black EnduraClad® exterior. Integral Light Technology® (ILT) grilles that cast realistic shadows like individual windowpanes would to creates the most authentic look of true-divided-light windows (6 squares over 6 squares per window).
  • The kitchen will have 2 casement windows side-by-side from the ProLine series. Primed white pine wood interior. Black EnduraClad® exterior. No grilles.
  • The remaining windows throughout the house will be Pella ProLine double-hung windows. Primed white pine wood interior. Black EnduraClad® exterior. No grilles.

Some pictures of black Pella windows.

Photo Mar 19, 4 20 56 PM Photo Mar 19, 4 21 20 PM Photo Mar 19, 4 19 37 PM


Now onto doors… there’s the front entrance, the side patio and the deck doors.

Now that we had the window manufacturer selected, picking doors would be easier, right? Nope. There are so many options to choose from. Steel? Wood? Fiberglass? How much glass… full light? 3/4 light? craftsman? After much deliberation, discussion and inspiration images to sift through, we decided on the following:

  • The front entry door will be a Craftsman style Pella Fiberglass Entry Door. Fiberglass won over wood as it is low-maintenance with the look of wood, and is exceptionally durable and energy-efficient. Painted black inside and out. No grilles in the window.
  • The patio side door and third floor deck door will be a Pella Proline full light door. Primed white pine wood interior. Black EnduraClad® exterior. No grilles.
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