Walls, Now with Color

The paint colors were unveiled in this post. Here a preview of what they look like on the walls. Each room’s personality is starting to shine through now.

Entry Vestibule, Living Room and Dining Room fireplace bump-outs, Common Hallways and Plaster wall throughout all floors, Pass-Through, and Front Kitchen wall and soffit

The lighter gray in the vestibule introduces the gray in the main floor and carries up throughout the common hallways. Colors within rooms peek through as you walk throughout the house.

image7071 Gray Screen

Photo Aug 10, 5 34 51 PMPhoto Aug 10, 5 36 38 PMPhoto Aug 10, 5 39 33 PM

Main Living Room  and Dining Room Walls

We loved the idea of a darker gray color on the walls in the main floor living area. It serves as a modern neutral which will allow the furniture and accessories to pop off of it.

image7074 Software

Photo Aug 10, 5 38 08 PMPhoto Aug 10, 5 37 45 PMPhoto Aug 10, 5 25 33 PM 

Powder Room

Inspired by the fabric found on the inside of a jewel box. Slide the pocket door open to see this happy violet color.

image6557 Wood Violet

Photo Aug 10, 5 24 19 PMPhoto Aug 10, 5 24 24 PM

Kitchen Back Wall

Looking back from the front of the house, you’ll see this almost black wall with a table, chairs and hanging pendant in front of it. While it will elongate the space, it will also pull you into the kitchen.

image6258 Tricorn Black

Photo Aug 11, 5 47 32 PM (HDR)Photo Aug 11, 5 47 47 PM (HDR)

Guest Bedroom

A perfect room to play with wall color. Who wouldn’t want to stay in this bright, airy, vaulted-ceiling guest bedroom?

image6695 Midday

Photo Aug 15, 7 26 02 PMPhoto Aug 10, 5 26 31 PM

Guest Bathroom

Simple and classic. Slightly aged feeling so that it doesn’t overpower the tiles, grout and planned accessories. Mirror and vanity light will nicely complement the feeling that this color provides.

image7013 Ivory Lace

Photo Aug 10, 5 27 08 PM


Enveloping. The room with the least amount of direct sunlight – so we embraced that. Task lighting and reading lighting is always key in a study to brighten up what you need to see. I like how the simple white baseboard doesn’t distract from the antique floors.

image6244 Naval

Photo Aug 15, 7 30 36 PMPhoto Aug 15, 7 30 26 PM

Media Room

Calming and relaxing. Works well with the deep brown hues of the aged floors. This sun-filled southern facing room is where we’ll be spending a good amount of time with friends and family. The original marble fireplace surround plays well with this wall color.

image6514 Respite

Photo Aug 10, 5 28 25 PMPhoto Aug 15, 7 29 50 PMPhoto Aug 15, 7 30 05 PM

Master Bedroom

Peaceful. The new maple flooring works well with this color.

image6192 Coastal Plain

Photo Aug 10, 5 30 20 PMPhoto Aug 10, 5 30 42 PMPhoto Aug 15, 7 27 52 PM

Master Bathroom

A simple backdrop to the white subway tiles while referencing the colors in the graphic glass shower tile (that we don’t love or hate). The high-gloss gray wall-hung vanity will play off well with this color.

image7065 Argos

Photo Aug 10, 5 29 43 PMPhoto Aug 10, 5 32 39 PMPhoto Aug 10, 5 31 31 PM

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