Demolition Progress Pics

I ventured to the house to drop off a check and was able to snap a few quick iPhone pics of the demoed rooms. Nice to see what’s behind those walls.

Floor 1: Stairs up to the Second Floor and Kitchen

Floor 1 Hallway to Breakfast Area Floor 1 Galley Kitchen looking into Breakfast Area

Second Floor: Bathroom

Floor 2 Bathroom Future Shower Floor 2 Bathroom

Second Floor: Middle Bedroom –> Study

Floor 2 Middle Bedroom - Study Floor 2 Middle Bedroom - Study 2

Second Floor: Front Bedroom –> Media Room

Floor 2 Front Bedroom Back Floor 2 Front Bedroom Side Floor 2 Front Bedroom Front

Third Floor: Open Space, Bathroom and Bedroom –> Master Suite

Floor 3 Open Space Floor 3 Open Space and Bathroom Floor 3 Bathroom 2 Floor 3 Bathroom Area Floor 3 Bathroom Floor 3 Bedroom Floor 3 Front Bedroom

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