Wood Floors, Initial Seal

What a difference a coat of polyurethane sealer makes. The 100+ year-old wide-plank pine floorboards have had their initial seal – no stain. Compare to the pre-sealed pictures in this post. Perfect! Exactly the color and look we were going for—clean modern lines in the walls vs. aged to perfection flooring brought back to life almost intact.

Photo Jul 20, 6 53 17 PMPhoto Jul 20, 6 53 26 PM

Guest Bedroom and Study


Photo Jul 20, 6 53 32 PMPhoto Jul 20, 6 53 44 PMPhoto Jul 20, 6 54 21 PM

2nd Floor Hallway (some patching), 2nd Floor landing (created with reclaimed wood from old 3rd floor), and Media Room (minor patching)

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1 Response to Wood Floors, Initial Seal

  1. SK says:

    Wow, the hardwood flooring is totally FABULOUS…. The entire home is a Dream!


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