Going Up, Going Down

This three-story rowhome with a basement had three (3.5, really) different staircases… that no longer made sense. They were 30” wide, not 36”; they were steep to save space back in the day; they ended in odd locations; and they were in the middle of the floor plan. The before pictures are shown after the new pictures below.

The new staircase location is typical for a Philadelphia Rowhome—attached to the side of the house. We brought all staircases to code by increasing the width to at least 36” (some up to 42”) and making them less steep by increasing the tread (where you step) and lowering the riser height (vertical piece). We went with red oak which is very hard wood and will stain it to complement the floorboards. Clean edge reveal with a handrail that’s being finalized.

Photo Aug 02, 6 11 07 PMPhoto Aug 02, 6 11 47 PMPhoto Jul 29, 6 11 46 PM

To the basement; landing into the kitchen from the basement; going up to the second floor


Photo Jul 29, 6 11 59 PMPhoto Jul 29, 6 43 51 PMPhoto Jul 29, 6 14 32 PM

Side view; looking down to the first floor from the second floor; second floor with the stairs to third


Photo Jul 29, 6 14 45 PMPhoto Jul 29, 6 20 43 PMPhoto Jul 17, 1 31 31 PM

Stairs to the third floor; again, stairs to the third floor with deck door allowing light in; new landing to the guest suite made of repurposed wood from the old third floor floorboards


Photo Aug 03, 7 07 59 PMPhoto Jun 19, 11 17 33 AMPhoto Aug 03, 7 18 57 PM

Third floor landing with step up and out to deck; the deck; six stain options for the red oak inside stairs


Here are some “before” pictures.


First to the lower second floor



Second floor (Yes, the staircase ends in the middle of the bathroom door and the landing is a step lower than the back bedroom and bathroom!)



To the upper second floor; to the third floor

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3 Responses to Going Up, Going Down

  1. well what a project… i am sure you enjoyed the whole process …interesting…i find it …and the more the challenges the more interesting it was. i know your creativity guys is in you to adopt here and i will come to see the finished product soon, LOVE ya


  2. Dan The Man says:

    How wide is your house ? I’ll have to measure my steps, I bet they are 30 wide, they feel narrow, but my house is kinda of narrow too, your house just looks wider… I will measure that…we just got the gas, water, and electric turned on…it had been off for over a year


    • Sorry it took a while to get back to you! The deed dimension is 18’6″ wide outside edge-to-edge and 17’6″ inside the house – on the wider side for Philly homes, but not too wide. The stairs were all 30″ wide but were increased to 36″ wide when they were recreated. Good luck and have fun!


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